Shutters are both decorative and purposeful. Shutters blend fantastically as an architectural feature of your home, while allowing light management and privacy.

 Plantation shutters ar unit a solid frame structure which will be mounted on windows.As a result of their building components promote longevity, they're considered permanent fixtures within the home. Shutters are the only window covering that add value to your home. think about them as VirginiaShutters does: furniture for your windows! Thanks to the widespread appeal of Plantation Shutters, they usually stay with the house once it's sold. Therefore, the cost of Plantation Shutters will be financed into the price of your home.

 Plantation Shutters don't seem to be the only type of shutters. Plantation Shutters typically refer to shutters with larger panels and wider louvers (or slats) that cover the whole window. Traditional Shutters, that have declined in popularity, usually only cover the bottom portion of a window and have smaller panels and narrower louvers. The Plantation Shutter allows householders way more flexibility in controlling the amount of light, air and noise they prefer entering their windows than the traditional shutter.

• Build your shutters to your precise preferences by choosing from our many options.
• Our product are custom crafted, and custom manufactured to the exact size of your windows.
• All our Shutters can be built with either 2 1/2", 3 1/2", or 4 1/2" inch louvers.
• Virginia Shutters offers a wide variety of hinge colors.
• Hidden tilt rods available in all louvre sizes