If you are seeking most light control, window blinds ar your smartest window covering alternative. That is as a result of blinds - whether made from wood, faux wood, or different materials - could also be operated two alternative ways to let in the maximum amount, or little, light as you desire: you'll be able to raise them for a full view, or lower them for complete privacy; otherwise you can swivel the slats to fine-tune the amount of sunshine coming into your windows. And like all VirginiaShutters custom window coverings, our window blinds ar crafted to suit your windows exactly. so that they do not simply look better than off-the-rack designs, they insulate better as well!

So if you would like blinds at competitive costs while not compromising on quality contact us for an estimate without obligation!

Wood Blinds

Whether you like classic or modern furnishings, wood blinds will help complete the design you’re looking for. Their clean lines and adaptable  style complement the style of any home, making an exceptionally welcoming atmosphere in bedrooms and living rooms.

• Wood blinds ar available during a variety of colours and stain finishes, and might be custom color-matched to your existing wood trim and furnishings.
• They are available in 1 to 2 ½” slat sizes to match your style and also the size of your window.
• Wood blinds ar eco-friendly — made from 100%  hardwoods from certified and domestic forests, and create living areas feel warm and alluring while serving to preserve the atmosphere.
• In their closed position, wood blinds ar energy-saving window treatments, block ultraviolet light rays and reducing solar heat gain.
• Cloth tapes or interior decorationative cornice box are often added to your wood blinds to additional intensify your home decor.
• We provide a range of valance board choices including standard, traditional, ornamental and modern designs to choose from.

In addition to their fashionable and eco-conscious aspects, wood blinds also are obtainable with routeless options for larger light block and privacy assurance. motorization may also be added to supply additional convenience.

Your VirginiaShutters style adviser will create decorating your windows simple. they bring the most recent designs to you during your free in-home consultation and provide you with recommendation on a way to complete the design of any room. Schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today!

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds provide householders all the classic style of real wood blinds with the additional sturdiness of composite blinds. this enables them to resist wetness in terribly humid or wet environments. faux wood blinds ar excellent for waterfront homes and additionally perform well in humid bathrooms and hot kitchens. select from a large sort of paints and finishes to enrich almost any home interior decoration colour scheme.

Faux wood blinds ar available in a variety of colours to appease your tastes no matter how various. make sure to ask your VirginiaShutters style advisor if faux wood blinds ar the most effective choice for your specific wants.

Vinyl Blinds

For one of the foremost practical solutions to your window covering wants, think about vinyl blinds. Vinyl blinds ar stain resistant, simple to clean and better of all, very cheap. they are available in a very multitude of colours, prints and textures to alter the blending and matching method with your existing home furnishings. Vinyl blinds additionally possess a high resistance to heat and wet creating them a perfect alternative for any area in your home.

Vinyl blinds have long been a mainstay within the window coverings market as a result of their versatile and practical nature. thanks to their strength, vinyl blinds ar nice for homes with kids and pets and provide the additional value of being just about maintenance free. merely wipe them down with wet fabric once in a while to keep them looking new and vivacious.

Aluminum Blinds

Always classic, aluminum blinds are an excellent solution for almost about any window. They’re sturdy, simple to take care of, and very versatile. And they’re offered during a full palette of colours from whites and neutrals to pastels and metallics to accommodate any decorating vogue.

Vertical Blinds

With many designs from which to decide on, our vertical blinds supply a glance that’s distinctive, classic, and durable. Choices include modern smooth and textured vinyls, also as fabrics starting from non-woven polyesters to decorative weaves and grass-like designs. Insert Groovers ar accessible with our fabric designs to mix the soft, textured appeal of material with the insulation, light control and privacy benefits of vinyl.